How To Live In The Now: Achieve Awareness, Growth and Inner Peace in Your Life - Neville Berkowitz

How To Live In The Now: Achieve Awareness, Growth and Inner Peace in Your Life

von Neville Berkowitz

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2015-01-14
  • Genre: Spiritualität

Inhalt / Beschreibung

This is not a book, it’s a Friend
Your new Friend will take you on a journey of discovery of what the Now really is, how to access it, the Omnipotence ever present in the Now, the Being found in stillness, the breath of your life and understanding awareness beyond thought. It will show you the importance of flowing and giving, of achieving balance, harmony and inner guidance.

It will explain your feelings and negate your "fearlings”. It will teach you acceptance and surrender and that vulnerability is your greatest strength.
It will enable you to find happiness and Love. It will help you create an accurate perspective and develop the perception of your life’s meaning and purpose.
It will show you the importance and consistency of change and how to willingly embrace it.
It will provide long lasting solutions for you and not just the answers you think you need now.
It will show you how to enter the Now and to remain ever present in the Now.
It will make you powerful when you understand exactly what power is, where it comes from and how to enhance it further.
You will turn to your new Friend for your needs whatever they may be, in any moment of Now. Like your trusted best friend it will always be there for you.

In its pages you will find understanding, kindness, compassion and Unconditional Love for You. It will guide you through dark nights ensuring your safety into the passage of the light of day.

It will uplift you in times of sorrow and embrace you in times of happiness.

Like your best friend it will touch your Soul as its radiance, knowledge and wisdom ennobles you to become who You truly are.