Faraway Green - Jack Young

Faraway Green

von Jack Young

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2014-12-30
  • Genre: Humor

Inhalt / Beschreibung

One muggy summer in New England, an unemployed Grassman goes to work for the wealthy Bill Borrington, a "rock-hard dreamer" with a motley crew of hangers-on and a cattle farm in the Berkshires. The Grassman's mission: to transform a weedy field into a carpet of pristine putting green that will bring riches to Borrington and win the admiration of the ravishing Autumn Bliss. To reach his goal, the Grassman must contend with hostile cowboys, inmates from a women's prison, bad digestion, and above all the dreaded curse of the Zombini Sisters. From the author of Hail, Cigaros!, praised by Kirkus as "assured, ambitious, and unapologetically entertaining."