Underground - Simon Beckett


von Simon Beckett

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2013-01-08
  • Genre: Darstellende Kunst

Inhalt / Beschreibung

Welcome to “The Underground” A trick that digs the foundations out from beneath your spectators feet and leaves them slack jawed!

The effect goes like this!

You write a prediction in full view of the spectators and either give it to a spectator to hold or fold it and place it on the table, it is NEVER TOUCHED by you again.
It can indeed be signed if you so wish, there is no switch.
That's right no switch or funny billet moves!

You then take a deck of cards out and have a card selected in an extremely fair manner, no cuts or forces are used, they are just asked to name a number less than 52 as we only have 52 cards in the deck, The cards are then dealt face up onto the table until we reach their chosen number.

When we reach this number, that card is placed facedown away from the others, the prediction is open and read out aloud!

The card is then turned over by the spectator and it matches the prediction! 

The prediction can be examined as can the cards, there is nothing to find.

This is one hell of a killer trick, if you want to perform one card trick this year make sure it is this one.

It slays magicians and lay people alike, it can be performed close up, strolling, etc.

The setup is so minimal it is almost instant!

Can be repeated with a different card everytime.
Yes, I repeat it can be performed with a different outcome every time you perform this wonderful 

Remember the prediction is written before you touch your deck of cards, it is written before you ask the spectator anything at all!

You use any pack of cards at all, fully photo illustrated with step by step instructions for you to perform this miracle. Do not let this pass you by  it has been a best seller on our website and reviews have been great! 
No magnets,
No Sticky stuff,
No card forces,
No peeking at all,
No billet switches,
Prediction is in full view all the time.
You never touch the prediction after it has been signed and made!
You can even make the prediction ahead of time and mail to the spectators before the performance!

Use any deck.