Dreamsigns - Simon Beckett


von Simon Beckett

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2013-07-30
  • Genre: Darstellende Kunst

Inhalt / Beschreibung

Imagine being able to tell a spectator their Star Sign without them uttering a single word or writing anything down... imagine a tool that could act like rocket fuel to your “Readings”.  That tool is Dream Signs.

Dream Signs is both a mind blowing effect and an incredibly versatile methodological tool that can be utilised throughout your performance & rapidly increase your cold reading skills.

The concept is deviously clever, offering you a unique yet invisible psychological subtlety that literally allows you to peer inside the mind of your audience.

The effect as laid out in the book is simplicity itself, you ask the participant to think of his or her star sign. You then proceed to name it. It's Quick, Simple and entirely impromptu.

This routine does not use progressive anagrams.
You never ask any questions.
Nothing is written down, nothing is peeked.
You simply ask your participant to think of their sign and visualize it in their minds eye.

The spectator never utters a single word... yet you are able to pluck this personal information directly from their subconscious.

Dream Signs is a work on pushing the limits of just how close Mentalism can come to real mind reading. Dream Signs is a fine example of his thinking and even if the revelation of a star sign is not your cup of tea, the methodology involved is valuable as it is transferable to almost any subject.

But don't just take our word for it, see what others have to say...

"Dream Signs, a brilliant piece of work, well thought out and certainly a miracle if used in the right situation with the right people." - Banachek

"then there's my favorite, DREAM SIGNS...the method can be applied to other bits that are down right spectacular. I shared the info with Kenton Knepper  and his comment was "we all have to retire sooner or later..." - Craig Browning

"The method is so golden, it's as if its just tripping along the edge of possible without actually falling into true mind reading or unreliability. This goes into subtleties to make sure it works, but I tried an adapted version of it and it worked the first time. So beautifully simple, so visual yet flexible; ... the effect is specific to star signs, the idea behind it is not.
The method is inherently invisible by definition, and never requires your spectator to speak, or make any sound/motion, yet at the same time you can truly read their body language, without muscle reading, eye access cues, or any of the traditional non contact mind reading techniques; it's entirely out of that spectrum and sits alone in its workings. If you are into star sign revelations, which I personally didn't buy it for, then you now have a technique that allows you to nearly read minds for real and get at their star sign without having to go through even the most streamlined of anagrams; you can now use direct visualization. 
A genius of an effect...." -Bill Dekel
This has to be the easiest method I have come across in divining another persons star sign; short of asking them!
It really does appear to the person that you are a genuine Mind Reader...I would recommend this method to anyone with an interest into our Art.
What I love about this method is it's possibilities...I can see how using the framework given to you...you could build a whole host of effects around the principle.
Fresh thinking and original!
Get it! -
Anthony Black

Christopher J Gould - Fully endorse this one. My best buy this year so far. Excellent Magic