Japanese Grammar for JLPT N4 - Clay Boutwell & Yumi Boutwell

Japanese Grammar for JLPT N4

von Clay Boutwell & Yumi Boutwell

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2022-06-13
  • Genre: Japanisch

Inhalt / Beschreibung

For Upper Beginners of the Japanese language. Includes FREE Sound Files (download link found on the last page)

Whether you are planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or just would like a solid start on learning upper beginner Japanese grammar, this book will teach you the most useful grammatical patterns in an easy-to-understand way. Download the sound files and the accompanying PDF for a complete learning system (included for no extra charge).

* Download the sound files for every Japanese example sentence within. Link found on the last page.
* Explanations in plain English with several examples per grammar point.
* Example sentences are broken down with a literal word-by-word translation as well as a more natural translation to aid comprehension.