Plutarch’s Lives: Life of Crassus - Plutarch

Plutarch’s Lives: Life of Crassus

von Plutarch

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2012-06-03
  • Genre: Biografien und Memoiren

Inhalt / Beschreibung

*Includes Table of Contents

Plutarch's best-known work is the Parallel Lives, a series of biographies of famous Greeks and Romans, arranged in pairs to illuminate their common moral virtues and vices. The surviving Lives contain 23 pairs, each with one Greek Life and one Roman Life, as well as four unpaired single Lives. Some of the Lives, such as those of Heracles, Philip II of Macedon and Scipio Africanus, no longer exist; many of the remaining Lives are truncated, contain obvious lacunae or have been tampered with by later writers. Extant Lives include those on Aristides, Pericles, Pompey, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Cato the Younger, Mark Antony, and Marcus Junius Brutus.
Plutarch also wrote a series of biographies, including the biographies of Demetrius, Pyrrhus, Agis and Cleomenes, Aratus and Artaxerxes, Philopoemen, Camillus, Marcellus, Flamininus, Aemilius Paulus, Galba and Otho. 
This edition of Plutarch’s biography on the famous Roman general and triumvir, Life of Crassus, is specially formatted with a Table of Contents and is illustrated with over a dozen illustrations.