Ultimate Mind Reading - Simon Beckett

Ultimate Mind Reading

von Simon Beckett

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2011-09-02
  • Genre: Basteln und Hobbys

Inhalt / Beschreibung

Armed with just a deck of cards you perform this miracle mindreading effect - Used by top pro's, it's simplicity itself! Do not dismiss this, it is extremely strong. Take out and display a deck of normal cards. Turn them face up to show them being all ordinary and different, as you cut and mix also. Tell your spectators that in a moment that you will turn your back and while your back is turned that you will want someone to cut the cards.That done turn your back to the person; tell them to cut the cards as they did before. Nowhave them take the top card, and look at it. Once this is done have them hide the card, like between their hands, or perhaps in a shirt pocket. That being done you turn around explaining what has just happened. Now pick up the deck and put it in its case (while keeping the deck face down the whole time) as you do so. Pocket the deck. Now slowly read the mind of the spectator.