The Kindest People: Heroes and Good Samaritans, Volume 1 - David Bruce

The Kindest People: Heroes and Good Samaritans, Volume 1

von David Bruce

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2011-08-17
  • Genre: Selbstverwirklichung

Inhalt / Beschreibung

This book tells 250 stories about heroes and Good Samaritans, including this one: In October 2005, a Buick smashed against a pillar of a highway overpass on Interstate 95 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and caught fire. Shawn Reese stopped his truck, ran to the car, saw a head and an arm dangling outside a window, and pulled the man out. One of the man’s legs was on fire and had to be put out with a fire extinguisher, but the man survived. Mr. Reese is a hero, but he denies that he is a hero. Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tim Frith said, “If he [the victim] had remained in that car, he certainly would have burned up. There’s no doubt about that. He [Mr. Reese] simply did save the guy’s life. However, Mr. Reese said, “I ain’t no hero. This guy just needed help. It’s just something you do.” He then got back in his truck and headed to a construction site in Boynton Beach, Florida.