AudioKit Synth One: The Ultimate Guide - Francis Preve

AudioKit Synth One: The Ultimate Guide

von Francis Preve

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2021-03-19
  • Genre: Musik

Inhalt / Beschreibung

More than just an instruction manual, Synth One: The Ultimate Guide is a complete introduction to the basics of synthesizers and analog synthesis. Combining this book with the open source AudioKit Synth One—the award-winning free synth for iOS—The Ultimate Guide explains everything from how filters and oscillators work to the details of the harmonic series and microtonal music. Additionally, all new versions of AudioKit Synth One now include a set of patches specifically designed for the lessons in this book. Whether you’re getting started in electronic production or just want to learn how synthesizers work, this free reference guide explains everything about Synth One in plain, clear English. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Francis Preve is one of the world's leading sound designers, crafting the factory content for legendary companies like Ableton, Roland, Sequential, Xfer, and Korg since 2004. His work as a DJ/producer includes chart-topping collaborations with artists including Matt Lange, John Acquaviva, and Wolfgang Gartner. He is also the founder of Symplesound, creator of Ableton packs that have been featured in online magazines as diverse as Music Radar, DJ Mag, Fact, and Vice.