Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes - Maurice Leblanc

Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes

von Maurice Leblanc

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2020-12-14
  • Genre: Belletristik und Literatur

Inhalt / Beschreibung

Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes is the second book in the Arsene Lupin collection by French author Maurice Leblanc. The book consists of two stories: The Blond Lady (which includes the chapters Lottery Ticket No. 514; The Blue Diamond; Herlock Sholmes Opens Hostilities; Light in the Darkness; An Abduction; Second Arrest of Arsène Lupin), and The Jewish Lamp (The Shipwreck). In the previous book, The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar, there was a short story called 'Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late', but after protests from Arthur Conan Doyle's lawyers, the name was changed in this book to Herlock Sholmes.