The Dragon Riders Of Dharioona - Alfred Bekker

The Dragon Riders Of Dharioona

von Alfred Bekker

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2020-03-31
  • Genre: Epen

Inhalt / Beschreibung

The Dragon Riders of Dharioona

by Alfred Bekker

The volume of this book corresponds to 116 paperback pages.

Dharioona, the world of dragons and other fantastic creatures, is located in a double star system, which orbits a black hole. Here, time moves more slowly than in the rest of the universe. The first humans once came here in spaceships of the octopus-like Ktoor. The Ktoor operate a spaceport on Dharioona. A second spaceport is operated by the shape-shifting Nugrou, who fight with the Ktoor for the trade monopoly on Dharioona. The third power factor is the Bhalakids - energy beings that are located beyond the event horizon. They protect Dharioona from the black hole's radiation outbursts with an energy shield - and get paid for this in a very special way by humans, Ktoor, Nugrou and all other inhabitants of Dharioona: They demand their stories in order to enlarge the multiverse, because they believe that everything conceivable exists in any of the countless intertwined spacetimes.

Meanwhile, the human settlers of this world devote most of their time to dragon breeding and warfare among themselves, for they are completely at odds with each other. Among them, the law of the strongest applies, but in the end, even the most powerful dragon ranchers remain mere playthings in the battle of higher powers.