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Summary of “No Excuses!” by Brian Tracy

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2020-01-17
  • Genre: Lernhilfen

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QuickRead presents a summary of "No Excuses!" by Brian Tracy:

If you've ever taken a look at your life and wondered what's holding you back, No Excuses is literally the answer. Brian Tracy's explosive study on the power of self-discipline will show you how to break down the barriers between you and success by simply eliminating the excuses we tell ourselves every day.

Exploring the power of self-discipline in practice, No Excuses (2010) takes a look at how we can improve three critical areas of our lives-- personal success, career success, and overall happiness-- through aggressive self-discipline. Arguing that excuses are the limitations we place on ourselves, Tracy challenges readers to relinquish the crutch of convenient excuses and embrace the life-changing power of self-discipline.