Returning to Seashell Island - Brenda Kennedy

Returning to Seashell Island

von Brenda Kennedy

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2019-10-10
  • Genre: Zeitgenössisch

Inhalt / Beschreibung

When Isabella Moretti returns to Seashell Island after graduating from college, she doesn’t expect to meet anyone. Her plans are to stay for the summer before venturing out on her own into the work force of New York City.
But fate has other plans.
She meets Walker Hudson one night while staying at the inn and their relationship blossoms quickly. He is everything she ever dreamed of. In fact, he is too good to be true.
After the breakup with Walker, Isabella decides on a whim to stay on the secluded island. She opens her own business and gets right to work on making it successful, and then she discovers she's pregnant with Walker’s baby. When she tells him the news, he leaves the island and changes his number, hoping she will never find him again.
Broken and hurt, Isabella plans on raising the baby alone and making the best of being a single parent.
Can Isabella make it on her own with a baby? Does Walker come back into her life and complicate things more than they already are? Or does someone else steal her heart and help her through this life-changing time?