Swift 5 vs. Objective-C - Amit Chaudhary

Swift 5 vs. Objective-C

von Amit Chaudhary

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2019-03-25
  • Genre: Programmieren

Inhalt / Beschreibung

- This book has covered the latest version 5 of Swift and the latest version of Objective-C. Using Xcode 10.2. 
-  For beginners and for dummies, this book is a step-by-step guide to understanding object-oriented programming with Swift and with Objective-C. 
-  If you are an experienced developer who knows at least one modern programming language well, then this book is designed to teach you how to think and program in two major programming languages of Apple, Swift, and Objective-C. 

-  You can also use this book as a quick reference guide (like a cheat sheet) for both programming languages. 
-  Compared each topic with a simple and an illustrated example for each programming language. Do you know how to use playground feature of Swift for Objective-C language? Do you know what is stored, computed property and property observer in Objective-C? This book will answer your questions by comparing each topic of both programming languages of Apple. 

I hope you find this book to be a useful and worthy addition to your library. I've had a great time writing it. Hopefully you'll have a great time reading and learning two major programming languages of Apple. I will keep updating this book to make it much simpler and more productive. Thank you for purchasing a copy!
-Amit Chaudhary, 25th March 2019

Chapters Covered in this book: 
1. Basics
2. Constants
3. Variables
4. Data Types
5. Operators
6. String and Characters
7. Control Flow
8. Collection Types (Arrays, Sets, and Dictionaries)
9. Functions
10. Closures/ Blocks
11. Enumerators
12. Structures
13. Classes
14. Properties
15. Subscripts
16. Methods
17. Inheritance
18. Initializers
19. De-Initializers/ Deallocation
20. Protocols
21. Extensions/ Categories
22. Automatic Reference Count
23. Type Casting/ Type Checking
24. Error Handling