The Learning Trilogy Box Set - Brenda Kennedy

The Learning Trilogy Box Set

von Brenda Kennedy

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2017-09-26
  • Genre: Zeitgenössisch

Inhalt / Beschreibung

Learning to Live:
Never judge a book by its cover, and don’t let the white picket fence fool you. Although the appearance looks happy and inviting, no one would believe the nightmare that once lived within the lives of Nichole and her grandson, little Connor.
While healing from unimaginable abuse from her husband and adult son, Nichole is trying to figure out how to live again. After getting custody of her young grandson, she’s learning that raising a child in her fifties as a single woman isn't all that easy.
When retired Army veteran Luke Tanner enters the bakery, Nichole isn’t just taken aback by his extreme good looks, but also by his charm, charisma, and heroism.
Can Nichole learn to trust a man again? Is she even capable of love and intimacy? Is Luke patient enough to give her the time and the space she needs? Or will her past ruin any chance of her future with him?
But when a ghost from her past appears from the dead, Nichole is faced with an unthinkable reality. She can do one of two things: stay and fight, or run and hide.
Learning to Trust:
Hope is being able to see the light, despite the darkness.
Nichole is adjusting to her new normal. A happy life with a trusting man, Luke, and her adopted grandson, Connor. But when Nichole's parents show up at her bakery after being declared dead over thirty years ago, she is leery of their intentions. Although she is happy that they are alive and well, she can't help but fear they could have an ulterior motive.
Luke Tanner has worked hard to earn Nichole's trust, and he's vowed to protect her and Connor at all costs. While searching unsuccessfully for Lorraine, Connor's birth mother, they've both decided to move forward with their lives in hopes that she may have left the area for good. But when an accidental encounter brings them full circle, Nichole and Luke are stunned at what they learn.
Are Nichole's parents working with Lorraine? Is Lorraine here to claim Connor or does she have another motive? Can Luke protect Connor and Nichole? How can Nichole have faith in anything when everything she believed in has been a lie?
When things go from bad to worse, Nichole is faced with yet another devastating blow.
Learning to Love:
When it was confirmed that my wife and son were taken, I knew I had to find them as quickly as possible. I would hire an army of men to help me if I had to. I would stop at nothing until they were found. My only problem is, how do you find a man who's legally dead?
The tears dry as quickly as they escape from my eyes. I need water. God, I'm so thirsty. I have no idea how many days have passed since I was taken. Has it been days? Weeks? Months? Or just mere hours? I don’t know, but I'm ready for it to end. I'm strong, but I'm tired.
My time on this earth is limited, so I wonder why he just didn’t already kill me. He said earlier that I have a debt to repay. What debt? I've done nothing. I have nothing to fight him with. I have no energy, and my eyes are burning from the horrid stench. What is that smell and where in hell am I?
My heart hurts at the thought of little Connor and what my abductor will do to him.
And that's when I hear it. That's when I know my nightmare is just beginning.