The Kindest People: Be Excellent to Each Other (Volume 7) - David Bruce

The Kindest People: Be Excellent to Each Other (Volume 7)

von David Bruce

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 2015-10-04
  • Genre: Selbstverwirklichung

Inhalt / Beschreibung

This book contains stories about 250 good deeds, including these: 1) Dave Grohl, Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman, went to a Towers Record store and bought some music. The manager rang up his order and began to give him a discount, but Mr. Grohl noticed and asked, “Whoa, dude, do you know who I am?” Of course, the manger did, and Mr. Grohl said, “Then you know I don’t need a discount. Give it to those guys.” The guys in line in back of him got the discount. 2) Redditor nuvistor wrote that “in my panhandling phase during a few months in 2008, I went to a Nob Hill and asked the manager if he had a sandwich that was about to expire or anything, and he gave me one, and told me he much, much preferred people ask him than take stuff; he can generally help them out.” 3) On 6 October 2014, following allegations of harassment and bullying and intimidation by Sayreville War Memorial football players in the Parlin section of Sayreville, New Jersey, school officials announced that the rest of the football season had been cancelled. Superintendent Richard Labbe said, “There was enough evidence that there were incidents of harassment, of intimidation and bullying that took place on a pervasive level, on a wide-scale level and at a level at which the players knew, tolerated and generally accepted. Based upon what has been substantiated to have occurred, we have canceled the remainder of the football season. We can set the standard right now for all kids for all school districts in Middlesex County, in the state and in the nation that we are not going to stand around and allow kids to do this to one another. We are going to start holding our students responsible for doing the right thing and reporting these kinds of behaviors. I believe with every fiber of my body that the only way we are going to stop bullying is if we get the kids to go to an adult or to the authorities.” An unidentified local official told ABC News, “They [Freshmen] would live in fear of seniors and juniors. They would race to the locker room to get changed and get out before the older kids got there.” A parent of a younger player did the right thing and called the police. The unidentified local official said, “It was a parent of a younger kid being taunted, threatened, bullied.”